Mass Effect Andromeda (XB1)

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#GameOverMan! aka #MissionAccomplished. #MassEffectAndromeda story completion. I went hardcore in the past week to get it done. Stats: 64 hours. 86% game complete. Ryder at level 53. All planets at 100% viability. Main combat teammates: Cora & PeeBee Romance partner: Vetra #VideoGames #BioWare #XboxOne I know the game has received considerable criticism, however I personally did not experience much of the bugs and errors that many have reported. The game was "more of the same" for me, never hitting the heights of Mass Effect 2, but probably on par with Mass Effect 3. I still have some minor mission stuff to finish off, and I've enjoyed the small amounts of multiplayer action I've played, so will likely return to that. Score: 8 out of 10.

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