We Are Your Friends is about an upcoming DJ portrayed by Zac Efron, who has to juggle his personal aspirations with the lifestyle of his friends and peers. Wes Bentley is wonderful as the experienced, yet jaded and burnt-out mentor; while Emily Ratajkowski is a personal assistant unsure of her career path.

The opening half of the movie is excellent, with real energy, propelled by a thumping soundscape of electronic music. I make no disguise that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in the form of House & Techno is among my favourite music style, and it certainly becomes the highlight to the complete visual and aural experience.

Their are moments of real inspiration, such as a superb scene in an art gallery where the people and colors come to life as if they were painted on the screen. Likewise, the movie comes alive any time the characters are inside a club setting or the music is running 128 BPM.

The latter part of the film suffers some drag, as it succumbs to cliches and the kind of tropes seen so many times before in the “emerging musical artist” genre of movies.

Is this an accurate representation of the San Fernando Valley “club scene”? I have no idea. Perhaps it’s just a moment in time to a specific set of people? Part of me belives this movie would have been more effective if it has been made five years earlier.

Nonetheless, the positives outway the negatives, and overall I found this film quite enjoyable and its positive messages of artistic originality and individualism still managed to shine through. If the movie doesn’t endure (though I do believe it will be better received when it’s released to home video market), I’m sure the music will at least live on.

Score: 7.5 out of 10.


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