I’m mostly a passive fan of the Jurassic Park franchise – the first one back in 1993 was certainly a revolution in regards to digital effects, and the two sequels that followed were action-focus adventures. Jurassic World takes a bit from all three previous films and is a worthy reboot and sequel to the original movie.

Though the story is light in terms of character development, there is considerable intelligence with a script that consistently hits the right plot points. Chris Platt portrays something against type – the most sensible person in the room; while Bryce Dallas Howard is a flawed character with great ambitions. Together they combine to problem solve their worst nightmare … an island of out of control dinosaurs.

Visually superb and highlighted by a brilliant film score by Michael Giacchino, Jurassic World keeps a steady pace, progressively ramping up the action and intensity. All the way paying homage to the original film, with the epic finale showdown nothing short of outstanding.

The movie itself also pays homage to many other sci-fi genre movies; such as Predator, Godzilla, Aliens and any disaster film.

Overall, it’s a strong, exciting action movie and recommended to old and new fans of the franchise.

score: 7.5 out of 10.


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