Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Louis Bloom – a sociopath of dubious morals, criminal intent, yet with a business plan to succeed at no matter the cost.  Lacking empathy for the human population around him, Bloom finds his calling as a Nightcrawler – roaming the streets of Los Angeles at night, looking for disaster, tragedy and crime to video-record content for news agencies.

Louis Bloom is a character unlike most we see on screen.  He is straight-talking, supremely confident and flat-out insultingly direct with the way he communicates with other people.  It’s another extraordinary performance by Gyllenhall – a truly amazing actor.

Bloom soon after teams-up with television news director Nina Romina (Renee Russo), a woman prepared to put anything on screen to ensure good viewer ratings and secure her own job.  Pushing himself to be better, Bloom takes increasingly bigger risks to get more sensational content and larger payments.  It doesn’t take long for Bloom to grow from just a passive observer towards someone perverting crime scenes and actually becoming the news!

This is a dangerous film with dangerous ideas, but what frightens us most is the brutal honesty which hits very close to reality.  It constantly holds a mirror to the constant “first and exclusive” news cycle the media currently lives by, and some may not like what images reflects back to them.

Movie of the year.

Score: 9.5 out of 10.



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