KITE (2014)

kite 2014

Kite is an action-drama movie, that was generally released direct-to-video worldwide, starring India Eisley with Samuel L Jackson and Callan McAuliffe.  Based on the infamous Japanese anime film, released over fifteen years earlier, this adaptation understandably tones down the sexual content, however is just as relentless in explicit violence.

The major difference for this film is that it is set in South Africa, a location that actually suits the content of the story, yet immediately places itself as something different from the anime – which I feel was closely integrated with its’ Japanese culture.

Nonetheless, let me assess this for what it is …  The script is terrible and does no favours to the actors, who I acknowledge give earnest performances, I especially liked India Eisley’s effort to give as much as possible for the lead character Sawa.

The action scenes are mostly engaging and there are some visually interesting sequences, especially a moment inside a dance club.  However, there are significant flat spots, as I think some of the problem for the movie was trying to stretch itself towards the modest running time of 90 minutes.  Some scenes played out without background music, which just gave it an amateurish presentation and lacking life.

There just isn’t anything special, significant nor innovative here to recommend Kite, apart from actually delivering a live-action version of an anime that many had consider unfilmable.  If you are a fan of Luc Besson-type assassin movies or revenge killer tales that feature a female lead character, this might be your kind of thing?

Score: 6 out of 10.


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