The EXPENDABLES 3 (2014)


I’ve enjoyed the first two Expendables movies and looked forward to what the old (and new) cast of the third film would bring to the table. Stallone and Statham once again lead and the numerous new cast inclusions to this chapter are nothing short of superb.

First of all, Wesley Snipes quickly reminds us of why he’s such an amazing talent and Mel Gibson provides complexity and class whenever on screen.

I must admit that halfway through viewing, I began concerned with the plot structure, as it appeared identical to the previous film and was lacking genuine interest. However, the movie kept surprising with high calibre inclusions – such as Kelsey Grammer and Harrison Ford – and then Antonio Banderas literally thrusts himself into the action and adds much needed comic relief.

The theme of the story is the need for the Expendables team to renew, and in doing so, Stallone recruits some younger talent. Among them, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey is clearly the star of this new group. There is talk of a possible future Expendables movie with an all-female-cast (with names like Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton and Michelle Rodriguez, etc.), and it would be appropriate if Rousey lead that team.

Anyway, we don’t watch an Expendables movie to think too hard about plot nor truly care too much about the motivation of the characters. We demand action – in the form of bullets, explosions and witty one-liners – and The Expendables 3 delivers all this. The best of the three, so far.

score: 7.5 out of 10.



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