Scarlett Johansson is LUCY (2014)


Luc Besson writes and directs Lucy – an action sci-fi movie whereby the title character, portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, achieves the ability to harness her brain’s ability above anything previously experienced in human existence.

Morgan Freeman is Professor Samuel Norman – a researcher of matters dealing with the brain, and it doesn’t take long for Lucy to seek him out for assistance towards controlling and exploring her new and growing powers.

Eric Serra delivers pulsing, electronic music in a movie with creative editing and slick production design. The movie is at times quite gritty and harsh, with some brutal violence and many uncomfortable situations. It is also a VERY Besson/European film in it’s overall look and sensibilities. These are all good things. 🙂

I know the movie is quite polarizing for viewers. It’s possible the subject matter may oppose the specific religious beliefs of some or the “fantasy” science displayed may cause angst for those looking for something more plausible. As such, I probably couldn’t give this film a complete “recommend” for the casual movie-goer.

Nonetheless, I really liked Lucy, it’s a thought-provoking film, even if at times the action never really stopped long enough to allow the viewer to ponder. To it’s credit, the film is a rather short running length by modern standards, running just under 90 minutes. Hopefully no wasted time, even for those using lower amounts of brain capacity. 😉 Afterall, time is all we have, to prove our existence.

Score: For me this is a 8 out of 10, but with a strong “as your own risk”.



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