It has already been an amazing year for Marvel properties in the cinema (Captain America, Spider-Man and X-Men) and Guardians Of The Galaxy continues that streak. This time, we have a misfit group of characters come together to … well … save the universe?!

Wonderfully directed by James Gunn – a man that really understands pop culture, the movie is blessed with some of the best ensemble casting seen in modern film-making. Chris Pratt is lovable as Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) and Zoe Saldana provides another eye-catching performance as the green-skinned assassin Gamora. Vin Diesel voices tree-creature Groot and Bradley Cooper is perfectly snarky as Rocket.

With all characters well-fleshed out and given a suitable story arc, it is muscle-man Dave Bautista as Drax that delivers the best growth of all. Also, special mentions of Karen Gillan as Nebula – she made what could have easily been a forgettable cliché character into someone really complex and Michael Rooker as Yondu is pure entertaining.

Music is a key component to the movie, primarily with the use of 1970s/1980s pop songs, combined with a sublime score by Tyler Bates, which perfectly balances the emotions and mood of the characters for the viewer.

There is not much negative to comment upon this film, perhaps apart from – as the title suggests – it’s very sci-fi and as such sits within the cosmic Marvel Universe established by the Thor movies. This may not appeal so much to the newcomer to this kind of world, though I do think the humour throughout the script offsets any such feelings of … ahem … alienation.

The finale to the film is awesome, peppered with some stunning moments, most of which are truly emotional and complete the developmental arc for all the characters.

Perfect timing of casting, production and well … the vibe … have combined to provide a near-flawless experience. Make no mistake, this movie was a huge risk for Marvel/Disney, but has been executed with such precision that everyone will be rewarded now and in the years to come.

score: 8.5 out of 10.

GotG cinema

p.s.: We Are Groot!


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