It’s interesting that Tom Cruise has become the go-to-guy for sci-fi action movies, with his efforts in recent years (Oblivion, War Of The Worlds, Minority Report) and Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau, Looper) appears likely to join him as the female counterpart, as they team-up here for Edge Of Tomorrow.

Adapted from the Japanese light novel/manga “All You Need Is Kill”, Cage (Cruise) and Rita (Blunt) continually replay the same day in an effort to avert an alien invasion and achieve an unlikely victory. Stuck in a time loop that resets upon Cage’s daily demise, he gradually gains the necessary skills and retains the crucial knowledge, often through trial and error of death, to help him get closer to his goal.

Visually stunning and exciting, wonderfully assisted by a great film score by Christophe Beck, this is solid film-making by director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr And Mrs Smith, Jumper). Precision editing helps make the movie work, as well charming performances from the two lead actors.

Bill Paxton and Brandan Gleeson add great support to a cast that is well defined and useful. Every role gets their hero moment and no matter how minor, can emerge as significant as anything else in the overall story.

Among the best movies of 2014 and a significant performance in the film career of Tom Cruise.

Score: 8 out of 10.




  1. Though it’s a gimmick we’ve all seen done before, it was still done well enough here that it was fun and easy to just enjoy the hell out of. Good review.

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