I’m going to bury the lead straight away. Captain America: The Winter Solider is the best film, thus far, from Marvel Studios. I was suitably impressed with the first movie for this character, and the events of that finale and thereafter elsewhere was always going to set the stage for a very modern tale for the First Avenger this time.

It’s hard to define why, especially as an Australian, but I’ve always managed to find genuine affinity to Steve Roger’s patriotism. I’ve never viewed the character as being superficial or as a one-eyed supporter of his nation. Patriotism is doing the right thing for your nation, even it means defying your leaders, military or country. Steve Rogers wears red, white and blue; but he is much more than a uniform and a shield.

Now in the current day, Steve Rogers is slowly settling into his new role as an Avenger in a world with much complex danger and undefined enemies. However, ghosts from the past haunt the Captain and he soon learns that it has become hard to know who to trust anymore.

From start to finish, The Winter Soldier is an exciting action movie, with many plot twists and well-balanced character development. Black Widow joins the fray and under the leadership of Nick Fury, this adventure soon becomes a mini-Avengers film (yet thoroughly more satisfying).

It’s ability to reference everything within the Marvel world, whilst continuing to tell a true Captain America story is what helps set this movie above all that has come before. This is the most faithful comic book experience Marvel Studios has delivered on screen.

A great looking film, with really good performances from the cast and never a dull moment. An instant classic.

Score: 9 out of 10.




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