Movie March Madness … – 300: Rise Of An Empire, Need For Speed and Pompeii


For three consecutive weeks in March, I watched three “cheesy” popcorn action movies at the cinema, upon their opening days. I don’t think any of the films require a large independent review, as I’m happy to group them together in what they are … Great Fun Films BEST Seen On The BIG screen!

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE: I was never a huge fan of the first 300 movie, though I do appreciate Zack Synder’s creative hyper-visual style (more so on films such as Watchmen and Sucker Punch). I actually enjoyed this follow-up film, which acts as much as a prequel to the events of the first movie, as well as extending the legacy beyond. Visually a great spectacle, like its’ predecessor, it doesn’t hold back in the ultra-violence and sexual energy. Sadly, most people are likely to first to experience it later on bluray/dvd/digital or tv broadcast, when it REALLY is a film to be experienced in the cinema. Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green are excellent leads and carry the movie from start to end. 8 out of 10.

NEED FOR SPEED: The video game franchise is my preferred “car racing” style and the film does plenty to pay homage and directly reference those games. The script is borderline hopeless, yet the quick-editing of the movie thankfully never allows the viewer to linger too long on the obvious plot-holes and total craziness of the story. Imogen Poots does a lot to hold any interest with her British accent and overall the film has good repeat viewing and a lot of sequel potential. 7 out of 10.

POMPEII: It’s a good thing expectations were low for this, because the movie Pompeii is very much a standard “film by committee” experience. Storywise, it’s a merging of Spartacus/Gladiator meets disaster movie. Nonetheless, an okay experience on the big screen, with lots of explosions and destruction, but not a film that needs to be seen again in a hurry. Ironically, I really liked the movie’s ending. 6 out of 10.



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