2013 was a great year for video games, with the latter part of the year ushering in the next generation of consoles (Xbox One and the PS4) it seemed the PS3 generation benefited from developers exploiting the full capabilities of the current systems.

Here’s my top 5 video games of 2013 …

1. GRAND THEFT AUTO V – The biggest and best of all GTA.

2. TOMB RAIDER – A brilliant re-imagining that has done everything right to salvage this franchise.

3. The LAST OF US – A game so good, I immediately player thru it on HARD+ after completing it on HARD.

4. BEYOND: TWO SOULS – Decades from now .. we’ll all see it for what it really is … ART.

5. REMEMBER ME – Though it failed to match its’ high ambition, I was encouraged by this new Intellectual Properties’ innovation, that suggests a follow-up would be very awesome.

Apologies to some games I’m sure are also great, but for whatever reason have yet to get around to play (yet will to do sometime in 2014) – Bioshock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed IV.


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