Video Game Review – GRAND THEFT AUTO V (PS3)


Attention to detail. Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been about attention to detail. It’s the little things … the way wet road reflects light after a light shower of rain. When random characters run away from you the moment you do something stupid. Or just the randomness of something happening which never happens again, no matter how you try to replicate it.

So, we finally have Grand Theft Auto V, released five years after GTA 4 (though we did have two additional “episode” add-ons and an amazing game from Rockstar called Red Dead Redemption in the meantime). Set in and around the fictional world of Los Santos (Los Angeles), the player gets to control the interweaving storylines of three main characters – Michael (unhappily married with two teenagers), Franklin (an urban street hustler with ambitions) and Trevor (a deranged sadistic killer with many issues and grudges). It’s a wonderful gaming mechanic, for if you get tiresome with one character, switching to someone else can actually be quite reinvigorating. Also, some missions require you to rapidly switch between the characters to achieve success.

Gameplay revolves around the usual type of GTA missions – robberies, killings and such. With plenty to do elsewhere, such as racing, skydiving or stealing cars. The highlight of the storyline missions is the heists that are planned, set-up and then executed.

I’m not going to suggest the game is without any flaws. Given the three-character game mechanic, one could have thought GTA might have one of them as female, should the storyline accommodate it. Though I wouldn’t want such an inclusion as just a token effort, I do believe a female lead character would open different scenarios and story missions. It should be noted that the player can be customised to be female in Grand Theft Online component.

I don’t feel like writing too much more about the game, as it’s better to just experience it. It looks superb, plays brilliantly, with plenty of variety to do anything or just nothing. Sometimes it’s just great to chillax by going on a fairground ride or visit one of the cinemas or even playing a round of golf. Attention to detail.

Score: 10 out of 10. Maybe 11.




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