GRAVITY (2013)


First of all, I will just say that Gravity is my favourite movie of 2013.

Second of all, I believe the less you know, the better the experience of watching will be.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney portray Astronauts that are trying to find a way safely back to Earth, after a catastrophic accident leaves them stranded above the planet’s atmosphere.

Visually, the film is stunning with images that only current generation cinema can produce. The audio mixing and minimalist music is also outstanding, truly reflecting the isolating environment of the movie and the characters.

Over the years I’ve read and heard much unfair criticism of Sandra Bullock’s acting ability. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed watching her in a vast variety of movies over the past twenty years. As she reaches the age of 50, there is no doubt she has matured brilliantly with age and is now delivering the best performances of her career. This may well be the BEST performance of her stellar career.

Score: 9 out of 10.




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