* As usual, I do NOT provide any significant spoilers *

A few years after their maiden adventure, we find the crew of the Enterprise embark on a manhunt for a rogue Starfleet operative, whom is capable of starting an all out war with the Klingon empire.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban return as Kirk, Spock and McCoy; joined by the returning supporting cast of Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Sulu (John Cho), Chekov (Anton Yelchin) and Scotty (Simon Pegg). New additions Alice Eve, Peter Weller and Benedict Cumberbatch add incredible acting depth to this chapter.

Cumberbatch is stunning as the super-powerful, yet mostly misunderstood, John Harrison – a man of many secrets and a big grudge. The friendship between Kirk and Spock is greatly explored, in a movie that rarely stands still for too long.

I mostly felt a step ahead of the story, but I took this as either (a) being greatly observant or (b) simply knowing the previous eleven Star Trek films very well. It certainly isn’t a criticism or detraction from enjoying the film.

Just like the 2009 Trek movie, this chapter works well for new viewers of the franchise and yet greatly rewards long time fans of the series, too. As such, it has a good balance of action, drama and comedy that makes this a wonderful experience for all ages, race and gender.

As good as any Star Trek movie we’ve seen, and certainly on equal with the reboot film before it.

Score: 8 out of 10.





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