Video Game Review: ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES 2013 (PS3)


Almost everything I felt about last year’s Medal Of Honor: Warfighter could be applied to Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That being … a big disappointment and almost total waste of time.

The biggest thing that really annoys me about the game, is that it barely resembles the excellent visual quality of the “staged” demo I viewed at the New York Comic Con. In hindsight, I probably smelt a rat, but choose to blame the stink on the fanboy sitting next to me, instead.

So, what is specificaly bad about the game? It looks terrible. Really, for all the years of development, it has the appearance of being five years old. And I’m not really one that cares about the graphic quality of the game, so long as the game-play is great. The game-play of ACM … is not great. It’s very repetitive and at times silly. There are bugs at every corner, no pun intended, and though it never prevented me from completing the game, there were several times I needed to re-load checkpoints to resolve such issues.

If there anything good about the game? It actually has some nice audio atmosphere, whether it be the music or tense ambient soundscape and weapon sounds. The story does its best to fit within the lore of the franchise, taking place after the events of the Aliens movie and incorporating some of that film’s characters.

I didn’t overall hate the game, I just felt cheated and betrayed and fooled and mislead.

It’s going to take some time to forgive .. and I’m not sure anyone at Sega or Gearbox Software are willing to stop blaming each other enough to address an apology to the gamers anytime sooon. 😦

score: a very generous 5 out of 10.




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