As an avid of video games and animation, Wreck-it Ralph seemed an obvious fit towards my interests and ideals.

Yet, viewing the film felt mostly underwhelming and disappointing, even though I did mostly enjoy the movie.

With a story within multiple video game worlds, the possibilities are limitless, yet the plot really gets bogged down in the most unlikely of arcade gaming worlds. For me, the male lead characters voiced by John C. Reilly and Jack McBrayer simply bored me, and it took the introduction of the dynamic roles of Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman to really spark the experience.

What I did like was the earnest homage to video gaming, arcade consoles especially, with plenty of subtle and hidden references to gaming lore. But for everything that seemed authentic, something else would come along and appear disingenuous.

It’s possible the movie was only a victim to my high expectations, but I just felt they story could have been stronger and at no point did the film actually impress me. However, I do believe I would actually enjoy Wreck-It Ralph more on multiple viewings and feel that there is a genuine future for this franchise.

score: 7 out of 10.

Oh, before the film the animated short PAPERMAN was screening – It was brilliant, better than Wreck-It Ralph and truly Oscar-worthy. 🙂



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