I surprised myself in 2012, by liking the films I didn’t think I would, and being disappointed my other movies that failed to met my expectations.

So, here’s my TOP 5 favourite movies of 2012:

1. The HUNGER GAMES – Everything about this is visually impressive, supported by a great lead performance from Jennifer Lawrence.

2. JOHN CARTER – Great fun and very entertaining. It’s a shame I am about the only person in the world that saw it.

3. LOOPER – I love movies that deal with time-travel, and this sci-fi thriller is probably the smartest of its genre for the past decade.

4. The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – An origin story told differently, yet seems most right. A recharge of the franchise that we didn’t realise was needed, afterall.

5. The DARK KNIGHT RISES – I’ll concede the movie is not technically as great as the previous Batman film, however I did manage to enjoy this more. BANE!

Other 2012 movies of note – The EXPENDABLES 2 – Actually better movie than the first, with many thanks to Chuck Norris. TED was good fun, I enjoyed some aspects of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMEN and PROMETHEUS is visually spectacular. The AVENGERS is over-rated and people really need to look at the glaring flaws of the story for that movie. TOTAL RECALL would be a good movie IF it was NOT actually called Total Recall! :p



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