I cut Electronic Arts some slack, when they moved the Medal Of Honor franchise into the modern warfare setting, back in 2010.  That game that was mostly generic and a cookie cutter mish-mash of almost every other military first-person shooter being released in this console generation.  It’s now 2012, time for the franchise to reclaim some glory…

Sadly, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a step backwards from all expectations.  It’s like nothing had been learnt from the previous game, so unfortunately we are supplied the same kind of thing.  It’s simply not good enough.

The single-player story takes the player through many familiar scenarios; on-ground combat, sniper opportunities and even a couple vehicle chase missions. There is certainly a nice variety of things to do, from mission-to-mission, but none of this is either ground-breaking nor innovative.

Often your player is grouped with up to three other colleagues, but their contribution is barely anything more than occasional ammo re-supply and perhaps as decoy while you can flank the enemy. The enemy AI is slightly better than this, as they sometimes might rush at you, but it generally sticks to a well-known routine of duck and cover until you can patiently pick them off at the right moment.

I don’t usually spoil actual gameplay moments, but there is a mission near end of the campaign, in which your character has to escape from inside a cargo-hold of a ship, starting unarmed, thus requiring stealth kills to secure a weapon and make his way up and through the ship. It’s THE genuine thrilling and memorable section of the entire game. Unfortunately, it occurs so late that many players may no longer even care. Imagine if this was the first mission instead? There might have had a completely different experience with the overall game.

Not being one for multi-player, I still gave this a go. There appears to be a good variety in class of soldiers, weaponry and scenarios in fair balanced play. The ability to represent your nation in a online community would be incentive for many to persevere on for many hours here, too.

I’ve been a long-time supporter of this franchise, but I feel it no longer has anything worthwhile to say. MOH:Warfighter is technically a good, polished game, but it lacks genuine heart. It becomes increasingly difficult to care about a game that clearly no longer respects itself. Nonetheless, still worth getting when discounted in price six months after release. Yet by then, I fear, a new generation of better first-person shooters and other great games will have clearly passed this by.

score: 6 out of 10.


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