I thought most of Batman Begins was pretty good and The Dark Knight a flawless movie experience, though have not felt compelled to watch either film twice. So, with that, I was only half-heartedly interested in seeing The Dark Knight Rises.

A terrific story with a brilliant cast of actors, highlighted by Tom Hardy’s fantastic performance as the villain Bane. Anyone that saw him a decade ago in Star Trek: Nemesis knew this guy would one day be a star. That day has finally arrived!

I’m willing to overlook the many plot-holes and the fact that Christian Bale’s deep voice as Batman almost always makes me laugh out loud. Actually, Christian Bale is great as Bruce Wayne, but just doesn’t seem to deliver as Batman. Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character proves to be far superior detective than supposedly the world’s greatest.

Sometimes lowered expectations provides for a greater surprise. My biggest surprise was the constant emotional responses I was feeling for many of the characters and their situations. There are many memorable lines and sequences and the movie’s finale is truly stunning.

The film continually challenges the viewer into thinking that all goodness have their moment of darkness, as not all that is evil is without a reason. One of the best movies of 2012 and my favourite movie of Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN trilogy.

score: 8 out of 10.


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