Seth MacFarlane’s TED

I’ve been a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s animated shows for over a decade now, and greatly looked forward to seeing him transform his style to a live-action full feature film.

Ted the teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane), magically comes to life upon a young lonely child’s wish. Developing a special friendship that endures as the boy grows up into the arrested developed adult, Mark Wahlberg.

High on excessive vulgar language and crazy situations, this movie is certainly not for kids. It’s most definitely focused on those that lived or loved the 1980s and is a must-see for anyone a fan of 1980 film Flash Gordon.

The main cast give a really great performance. It’s sometimes forgettable that Mark Wahlberg can be so charming and truly likeable. Mila Kunis provides the best performance of all, but as much as I do like her, I never consider her to be that one lady I would choose above all others, let alone my talking teddy bear.

Supporting cast is a variety of superb cameo roles, from creepy Joel McHale to even more creepy Giovanni Ribisi to narrator Patrick Stewart and the super cool singer Norah Jones.

However, for every couple things that are great and really worked, there seemed to be something else that either simply didn’t work or fell flat. I can overlook much of the predictability of the movie, but it’s hard to continually ignore poor story-telling, also.

Ted is great fun and its many positives manage to outweigh the occasional negatives just enough to make this a satisfying experience.

Score: 7 out of 10.


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