It’s fair to say that I’ve always had an indifferent experience to watching many of Ridley Scott films. For me, they tend to me high on style but lacking in plot. Even for one of my favourite movies of all time; Blade Runner, this statement holds true.

Furthermore, I’ve been a somewhat casual viewer of the Alien film franchise, having seen the brilliant Aliens in cinema at the tender of thirteen, in what was one of the most terrifying cinema experiences of my life. In the 1990s I saw Alien: Resurrection, but can barely remember much of it. For all the other Alien movies, I’ve passively seen bits and pieces of them, over the years on television.

Prometheus is a side-step away from the Alien franchise, though it certainly plays homage towards it. It is very slick and much more action-orientated and despite some effort to be moody and atmospheric, the film plays out more like an action-thriller than the straight-up scary horror that might have been expected.

Highlighted by wonderful visual effects and a superb cast, the movie is very easy on the eye. Michael Fassbender is typically awesome, yet it is Swedish actress Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw that clearly dominates this film. The rest of the cast are admirable, but their characters are somewhat under-developed or quickly forgettable, particularly Charlize Theron. Though, a special mention to Guy Pearce for a truly transforming performance.

Sadly, the film offers little surprise, especially in terms of storyline and plot twists. Also, I saw the movie in 3D, but felt it really added nothing to the visuals. For future viewings, I would opt to view this film in just a straight 2D presentation.

I actually did enjoy the film and was pleased to have watched it. In most ways it did meet my expectations, however it simply failed to really blow me away.

score: 7 out of 10.


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