Video Game Review: CRYSIS 2 (PS3)

I’d never had a computer powerful enough to have played the first Crysis game, so I came into playing its follow-up .. Crysis 2 – with a completely open mind. Having said that, First-person shooters are NOT my preferred genre, even though I seem to play a heap of them (perhaps that’s more a reflection on the current state of the video game industry?), and as usual, I concentrate on the single player campaign, as I have no interest with the online multi-player section of the game.

It took a little while for me to warm to this game, probably because I was initially presented with a barrage of different powers and abilities and it took some time to settle for that right combination which suited my game style. Indeed, I found invisible cloaking and sneaking up to or running away from the enemy to be my favoured method of game progression.

The future-war ravaged New York story is superbly presented (even though it mimics components I’ve already experienced in about a dozen other games I’ve played in the last couple of years), but the cut scenes are as impressive as any I’d ever seen, and the visuals in-game are equally as superb.

You control the nano-enabled marine soldier – Alcatraz, yet he appears constantly manipulated by other people that are seemingly determined to control him at all times. I guess the linearity of your actions may put some people off from completing the game, but I feel the game developers are making a statement of their own here, too.

So what are my complaints about the game? Not many, really. Except, I just often felt confused with the actual control-scheme for my various weapons and abilities, and never felt comfortable about experimenting beyond the power and tricks I knew I could execute well enough to get me to the next checkpoints. Checkpoints.. oh yeah.. some of them were truly ungenerous. Occasionally I traverse a section, kill some enemy but then get struck down by something random, only to be brought back to a long forgotten checkpoint, so that I’d have to continually repeat all that again (and sometimes again and again).

Don’t be discouraged by my score below. This is a great game and I completely recommend it, especially for those lovers of the first-person shooter genre. I’m also genuinely interested in seeing the continuation of events in Crysis 3! 🙂

Score: 7.5 out of 10.


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