Video Game Review: X-MEN DESTINY (PS3)

I’ve been a fan of the X-Men comics and movies for many years and have played many X-Men video games that have been based on the comics, animation television series, movies and X-Men characters.

The story for X-Men Destiny is based upon a recent storyline of the comic book series. After suffering the loss of their leader – Professor X and the destruction of their home base in New York, the X-Men move across the United States of America to the city of San Francisco. However, old problems and new trouble awaits them…

A third-person action game, the player can choose from three NEW characters, that have only now acquired their mutant abilities as begin to adapt to their new lives under a hostile environment. Throughout the game you meet other well-known mutants, both good and bad, as you are often provided the choice of helping the well-meaning X-Men or the assisting the chaotic Brotherhood of Mutants faction.

Visually, the game is quite subpar, with an appearance of a video game from five years prior. There is nothing in the game’s poor graphics that prevents you from continuing or completing missions, however the way you progress from one area to the next and how enemy characters “pop” into the area is overall of a substandard level.

The dialog and voice acting of the characters are actually great, though some lines from your controlling character soon become repetitive. The music is suitable and atmospheric, but likewise it lacks variety and depth.

The game allows your character to learn and upgrade variety of powers and abilities. Wearing a different costume or outfit can effect the character’s ability, also. There are several different sets of collectibles for the player to attempt to acquire throughout the game’s story.

The video game just isn’t innovative enough, let alone be entertaining. Even the occasional “boss” battle was a steep curve in difficulty that seemed at odds with how most of the game plays. However, the inability to actually play as one of the known X-Men or mutant characters is the biggest oversight of the entire game. At the very least, it would have been nice to create your own mutant character from scratch!

The game appears to be directed at a younger audience, yet the (M) Rating for this title precludes much of that aimed market away from playing this. Quite simply, this video game is only recommended for fans of X-Men or those wishing to learn more about the X-Men franchise.

score: 6 out of 10.


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