Video Game Review – RANGO: The Video Game (ps3)

I really loved Rango, putting it in my top 5 movies of 2011, and was pleasantly surprised that it would later go on to earn an Oscar for best animated film.

However, games based upon films or games aimed at children are notoriously terrible. The $20 price tag did not fill me with confidence, either.

Thankfully, Rango: The Video Game is brilliant.

Playing as a third-person platform game, with minor puzzle elements, the story of the game picks up after that of the movie, creating its own situations on characters established in the film. The game-play is quite solid, mostly on the easy side, which is not unexpected given its primary market. I still managed to lose a “life” or get killed on every level of the game, so it’s not a total walk in the park (jumping or falling to death continues to be my downfall!).

What sets the game apart is the outstanding atmosphere and unique environments delivered level after level. In general, the game is cheeky and fun, and just when I thought I saw it all, it begun to be surreal and existentialist. The final stages are nothing less than amazing!

A genuine delight and joyous surprise, Rango: The Video Game is something I can highly recommend to those young and old, especially for fans of the film.

score: 8 out of 10.


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