Video Game Review – INFAMOUS: FESTIVAL OF BLOOD (psn)

I had already expressed my slight disappointment at inFamous 2, after the first inFamous game being one of my favourite games of its year. inFamous: Festival of Blood is a PlayStation Network downloadable game for the PS3, offering a standalone experience at a budget price, of 3 to 4 hours in length. Working off the inFamous 2 “engine”, the game takes place in the same location, but adds the element of vampire-ism and different story motivations than the previous games.

So, acting more like an alternate timeline (though, some would say a “what if” or “tall tale”), Festival of Blood is actually really great. Despite the darkness and macabre nature of the game, it also comes across as a lot more fun and energetic. Movement of the character did not feel as fluid as the previous games, as climbing buildings seemed a bit more jerky and hard work.

Nonetheless, due to this game being smaller and tighter in scale, it becomes more clearly focused and stream-lined. It’s a better experience than inFamous 2 and perhaps suggests a better future for the franchise? Downloadable episodes or spin-off DLC, instead of full-scale retail releases? Worth a try…

score: 8 out of 10.


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