2011 was a pretty good year in movies, thought nothing too outstanding.

Anyway here’s my TOP 5…

1. RISE OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES – As a fan of the franchise, this film delivered a thoughtful story and script, with wonderful acting performances from Andy Serkis and John Lithgow. Truly emotional, also.

2. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS – Perhaps I had low expectations for this? But it had an intelligent and respectful script and a superb performance from Michael Fassbender as Magneto. In a year blessed with several comic book movies, this was by far the best of them. The ending is quite sad, depressing and distressing, however.

3. SOURCE CODE – Time travel and alternate time lines are always tricky in motion pictures, but this film presented in a very linear and easy to comprehend way. A smart movie from a smart director. 😉

4. RANGO – A refreshing, fun and original animated movie. Everything that the Cars 2 is the complete opposite!

5. SUCKER PUNCH – Perhaps more brain-dead than thoughtful, but I felt there was still some interesting subconscious storytelling, whenever the visuals are not dominating the screen.

Honorable mentions: Thor, Captain America and Conan The Barbarian all didn’t set the world on fire, but were worthy movies I would happily re-watch and certain are deserving of a sequel or two.



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