Video Game Review – SAINTS ROW: The THIRD (ps3)

Saints Row 2 really surprised me back in 2008 and became my game of the year. I always had faith that Saints Row: The Third would be just as crazy, fun and awesome. (1) But could it be even better?

Set a few months after the events of Saints Row 2, various events have occurred for the Saints gang to relocate from Stilwater to Steelport in order to rebuild their empire and .. ahh. fuck it. (2) Who cares about the story, this a Saints Row game!?

Carnage, mayhem and violence is of the highest order, mostly performed in the most perverse way possible. This is why we love Saints Row! A huge amount of fun to be had on a large map where everything is possible. All of which can be experienced in online co-op, also.

Saints Row: The Third is super great fun, never to be taken seriously. Technically it’s also superbly crafted and great looking.

However, above I had posed two questions. The answers are (1) No, Saint Row 2 is better because (2) the story really does matter. Saints Row: The Third story is not all that interesting, whilst Saints Row 2 had a brilliant story with a surprising emotional impact. I’ve replayed the Saints Row 2 storyline many times. I think my future Saints Row: The Third experiences will just be cruising around, causing mayhem. But hey, that’s fine too. Afterall, it’s only a video game. 🙂

score: 9 out of 10.



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