Video Game Review – BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY (ps3)

Batman: Arkham Asylum was such an amazing game, especially for being a movie/tv/comic book franchise video game that was ACTUALLY great to play. So, they expectations for Batman: Arkham City was understandably very high.

For me, Arkham City, at the very least, is just more of the same. As the title suggests, Batman is now in a bigger environment, but this doesn’t necessarily translate it a better experience. Much of the appeal of Arkham Asylum was that Batman is trapped within a confined space, and much of the battle was for him to find a way out of areas.

Some innovation and expansion of Batman’s cool weapons are excellent, as his abilities felt more unlimited due all these wonderful toys. To fully glide and explore the cityscape of Arkham is effortless and joyous.

The fighting and battle combat still remains the main focus of Batman’s abilities and this looks and plays as beautiful than ever. Batman’s ability to switch to “detective mode” and seek out clues and areas of examination is still a fun and integral part of the gameplay. However, I do tire of only seeing the beautiful environment in only a neon gold or blue glow (and this was also my complain from the previous game).

Arkham City is a great game and any Batman fan would love to play it. However, I’m not convinced it’s a better experience than Arkham Asylum, simply providing more of what worked with a little bit of enhancements.

score: 8 out of 10.


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