Video Game Review – BACK TO THE FUTURE: The GAME (psn)

Back To The Future: The Game is split-up into 5 continuous connecting episodes, available as a digital download from the PlayStation store (as well on disc for PC and download via X-Box Live) for under $20.

Playing very much like the “point and click” adventure games commonly experience on the PC in the 1990s, BTTF: The Game is a storybook extension of the series with interactive elements.

First off, I must mention the visuals, audio, voice-acting are all wonderful and immediately put the player within the right atmosphere to experience the game, which mostly focuses on Doc Brown as much as Marty McFly.

My own real criticism would be the simplicity of the game-play, and sometimes I was left thinking that a game about multiple time-lines and time travel could offer up more story branching and less linearity. However, there is a story that has to be told, and re-told, and re-changed… so I’m not going to be too critical with it.

For fans of the franchise, this game is a highest recommendation, for being authentic to the lore of the films, characters and for being truly entertaining and fun. Even still, this is a solid 6 hour experience and a great price!

score: 8 out of 10


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