Video Game Review – SINGULARITY (ps3)

Singularity was one of those games I picked up cheap a few months back, played a little bit of it, then forget about it as I concentrated on other games, only to recently return to it to finish it off.

A first-person shooter than deals with time-travel and alternate time-lines, the story sure sets up a complex motivation for its lead character Nate Renko to make things right.

It’s also a game of some complexity with unique weapons, odd monster creatures that attack you and some puzzle elements that make you do some thinking from time to time, between all the frenetic fire-fights and shooting.

I really like this game. It’s interesting enough, and though some could claim that it borrows a bit too much from other games (ie: BioShock, Portal), the story and combat were both good enough to make me want to progress and complete the game.

Somewhat under-rated, the game was inititally released perhaps at a time when people has their eyes on other first-person shooters. Certainly recommended as a $20 purchase.

score: 7 out of 10.


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