Video Game Review – DUNGEON SIEGE III (ps3)

I have never played the previous Dungeon Siege games, so had no real expectations upon what Dungeon Siege III might offer me. However, my recent love of RPG games on the PS3 console, such as Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and Dragon Age: Origins meant this is a genre I’m now more interested to play.

Beginning with the option to play as one of four different classes/type, your character embarks on a journey to improve oneself and unravel the mysteries of the kingdom. The gameplay for this action RPG is quite solid, but it soon labours in a series of quests and tasks that seem more a chore to complete than genuine exploration.

The ability to play online co-op with friends is also welcomed, but actual results may vary, depending on the situations. Given that only the host benefits from the loot and experience gained, there is little incentive to join other player games, unless you just want to volunteer a helping hand.

Dungeon Siege III is good fun, offering many hours of gaming. I only completed one play-through, so I am interested to play it again with another character/class to see what other results can be obtained? Or I could just go back to play Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, a game that is basically the same thing, but slightly more interesting, even though it came out two years earlier!

score: 7 out of 10.


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