Video Game Review – INFAMOUS 2 (ps3)

I really loved the first Infamous, definitely one of my favorite games of 2009.

So, naturally high expectations for Infamous 2. Is it better, worse or the same? Kind of three maybes to that!

Set a few months after the ending of the first Infamous game, our main character Cole McGrath once again goes through a series of missions, and again can decide if he wishes to be good-guy famous or bad-guy infamous!

Technically, a much better game, with really smooth and beautiful animation and the improved character physics and the variety of new powers really are fantastic. However, the story just didn’t entertain me so much and I felt really detached here from the character(s) I liked so much previously.

Maybe I’m jaded? Maybe I’m expecting too much? Infamous 2 is a good game, but just not as great as the first. I would still recommend it, and worth a re-play, but I never got that feeling that I must play this or strive to reach the conclusion.

score: 7.5 out of 10.


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