Video Game Review – L.A. NOIRE (ps3)

Well, this has been a long time coming, and I have to say that L.A. Noire is far from perfect, it is very unique experience and well worth playing.

Superficially, L.A. Noire shares some similarities with last year’s Mafia II, being a post-World War II crime adventure in an open-world area. However, Noire is much more slower paced, leaning much more on the detective side, with minimal action scenarios.

Truly, this is a game about being a detective, thoroughly investigating clues at crime scenes and interrogating witnesses and suspects for information that can help you proceed with the cases you are working on.

Beyond that, there is an overall crime story that slowly pieces together as you work through each individual case, as well as the mysterious back-story of main character you play as, Cole Phelps.

Indeed, Cole Phelps is one of the most memorable video game characters of recent times, superbly voiced by Aaron Staton, in a voice cast showcased of the talent from the television series Mad Men.

I feel the cases within the video game was a bit on the easy side and overall game progression even when you performed badly on resolving a case only provided me with less reason to actually think too hard about getting things right!

So, many hours of gameplay in this, and I also purchases all of the DLC, which provides more cases to be explored and many more hours of gaming. One of the highlights of 2011 and despite some minor flaws, this did not disappoint.

score: 9 out of 10.


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