Video Game Review – TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 (ps3)

It had been years since I played any Test Drive game, perhaps the last time was back in the days of Commodore 64 or maybe the earliest conversion on PC.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 promised an expansive open-world online (MMO) racing game, utilizing real “Google maps”. Despite the game-play being 90% inside the car, there are also options to customise your character/avatar appearance in various clothing stores and there is also a casino to play in-game gambling money against other online players.

TDU2 fails to meet these promises, mainly due to extremely buggy online connectivity issues, that make playing against other real people difficult and frustrating.

The variety of cars and the physics of their movement are excellent. Though, I don’t believe I’ve ever needed to truly master braking so much in a car game!

Nonetheless, I’ve had many hours of enjoyment from the game, exploring the maps of Hawaii and Ibiza, and truly find myself able to jut “chill-out” in what is mostly just a solitary experience, which is sadly not the games’ intention.

There is plenty to do in Test Drive Unlimited 2, and though the experience doesn’t meet initial expectations, there is a depth of game-play and fun to be had for those willing to invest the time.

score: 7 out of 10.


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