Video Game Review – MASS EFFECT 2 (ps3)

If there was one game I gave some consideration towards owning an Xbox360 for, this was the game. So, when in late 2010 it was announced Mass Effect 2 was gaining a release on the PS3 console in early 2011, upon lapse of the one-year exclusivity it held with the former console, I was truly overjoyed.

Having spent 35 hours completing the entire story, including the multi-part DLC missions, I can safely state this is one of the greatest video games of all time!

Sheppard (in my play-thru as a female commanding officer), embarks on recruiting old and new allies to face a greater enemy. The game-play is multiple layered. Often a third-person shooting, mixed in with RPG dialogue paths and character upgrading. There are also planet exploration and sections of vehicle flying. This game has it all!

Thie PS3 version incorporates several DLC missions, which greatly helps enrich the entire experience. In fact, I didn’t realize until 30 hours into the game, that some of the missions was these DLC parts, such is their seamless integration. Also, I was going to state that one mission is among the greatest levels of any game, until I later realized it was one of the DLC missions. That mission is Overlord and is truly outstanding!

A few TRULY minor flaws do not detract from the game. The occasional freezing bug is just a good reminder to save game as often as possible.

From opening sequence to the exhausting finale, this is an exhilarating gaming experience. The complete package = perfect game-play, awesome story, video/audio executed beautifully. Highly recommend!

score: 9.5 out of 10.

p.s: And we hear an Aussie actress actually deliver an Aussie accent 😉



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