Video Game Review – STAR WARS: The FORCE UNLEASHED II (ps3)

2008’s The Force Unleashed was one of the more successful and best Star Wars video games. So, it with much anticipation that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II would improve upon the flaws and technical issues endured by the first game.

Though the game is technically cleaner and smoother, it’s ultimately disappointing and lackluster.

Bypassing the messy storyline, the game adds only a few extra game-play components, and is shockingly short in length, easily being completed within six hours.

I try to judge games on their own merit, and if doing so, I do find this to be a rather good game. But given the pedigree and background of this title, it’s hard not to compare it to what has come before.

At full price, this game is simply not worth the money, and probably would have been more acceptable as a $20 DLC add-on of the first game.

I’m sure a year from now, when the game will be drastically cheaper and probably grouped with some extra DLC to extend the gaming “experience”, SWTFU2 will provide better value. Sadly, this is a real step backwards for the franchise and an insult to the fan.

score: 6 out of 10.


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