Video Game Review – MEDAL OF HONOR 2010 (ps3)

It could be suggested that the early Medal of Honor games got me into console gaming, nearly a decade ago. Sadly, recent games from this series never quite matched the excitement, gameplay and atmosphere of those initial games.

Electronic Arts seems to have acknowledged this, taking Medal of Honor away from World War II and into the modern warfare. Indeed, it doesn’t take very long to see what other games of the first person shooter war genre that has been a massive “influence” for this title. Nonetheless, their attention to detail and respect for the realities of war is appreciated.

The single-player campaign could be described as a cut and paste set of scenarios already seen in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare games, ranging from rescue missions to helicopter assaults to deadly sniper missions. The player alternates between a few different soldiers storyline experiences, but I can’t honestly say I felt any true emotional connection to any of them.

The gameplay has enough variety and excitement to encourage the player to keep playing through. No one scenario-type ever feels to over-stay its welcome, and the overall campaign should be completed in about six hours. The only real issues I have is that navigating the map sometimes become confusing and the somewhat overall easiness of the game.

I’ve only played a couple hours in the multiplayer modes, which certainly has a different feel and look from the single-player mode. Choosing between three classes of soldier – rifleman, special ops or sniper, all with the unique weapons, strategy and objectives. Time will tell how much community support these online modes will receive, in order to make it a worthwhile component.

Medal of Honor is a step in the right direction and has plenty of hours of replay and online value to offer. Hopefully in the future, Electronic Arts can truly strive towards originality and perhaps return to the pace-setter it once was. On its merits, MOH is a solid game. However, reality is that it will be compared to other games in this genre and that’s where its flaws become evident.

score: 7 out of 10.


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