Video Game Review – DEAD RISING 2 (ps3)

I was hesitant to play this, having never played the original Dead Rising game, and not really being a super fan of the zombie genre, in general. But preview footage of Dead Rising 2 suggested there be lots of fun to be had with a third-person open-world setting that definitely fits within my gaming interests.

Chuck is in a race against time, trying to prevent his daughter succumbing to zombie-ism, whilst unlocking the big conspiracy of how and why a zombie outbreak has befallen Fortune City.

I played through the storyline of the game in online co-op with a friend. It was a unique and rewarding experience, though not without its frustrations, with the pitfalls often encountered with co-op gaming, great communication and patience is often the key.

In terms of gameplay, the action is a lot of fun and very easily to understand. Some of the navigating between parts of the map can be confusing, though the load time between areas often gave the player a brief pause for them to catch their breath before the next zombie onslaught.

The ability to use practically any object as a weapon is the real feature of the game. The extra option to combine objects, such as nails + baseball bat = bat with nails, allows for some great freedom of expression.

A key component of the game is time management. With an overall objective required to getting Chuck to the next day, there are numerous side quests that truly can be distracting, but are usually worth the effort, in order to increase the XP and skills of the player.

The mini-bosses and one-on-one battles faced in the game are certainly a step-up in difficulty, and often take repeated efforts to defeat, mainly when their weakness is learned.

Outside of the story-mode, there are also multiplayer mini-games that can be played. These are hardly thrilling, but money won can put on your saved file for the single player game, making it a financially worthwhile endeavor.

I really enjoyed Dead Rising 2. Sure, its mostly a lot of sadistic fun and certainly not to be taken seriously. It’s all a game! 🙂

score: 8 out of 10.


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