Video Game Review – HEROES OVER EUROPE (ps3)

Flight simulation and fighter pilot games are few and far between on the PS3, and though I do not claim to be a fanatic for this gaming genre, I have always had a degree of interest and appreciation for them.

Heroes Over Europe, developed by Australia’s Transmission Games, is on the arcade aspect of flying. Within the game, you take charge of a few different Allie pilots fighting actual battles through-out World War II. There are an excellent variety of planes, environmental locations and missions.

The best action of the game is dog-fighting against other German planes, but the game varies its’ combat with destroying land and sea targets and other secondary objectives. The “slo-mo” ace-kill feature is a great implementation. However, I felt I could just as effectively take down my targets without it.

There was a genuine attempt to create an engaging story and do something a little different with the voice-acting and pilot interaction. I like Heroes Over Europe, even though it doesn’t really do anything truly better or memorable than other games in the genre. My best assessment is that it’s quite consistent, but hardly extraordinary.

score: 7 out of 10.


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