Video Game Review – PRISON BREAK: The CONSPIRACY (ps3)

I’ve never really watched an episode of the Prison Break television series, but my wife was a huge fan.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy video game was released nearly a year after the conclusion of the fourth season finale of the TV series. Too little too late? Some people probably wondering what’s the point?

Story-wise, your character is an under-cover cop spying on the in-mates and preventing a possible prison break (supposedly during the first season of the show). The game-play, as well as the story, is heavily scripted. The majority of the action is quick-time events, and most of the movement is stealth, hiding and climbing. There are also fighting situations, which require concentrated timing of both fists and sometimes more quick-time events!

Once you learn the game mechanics, you quickly begin to determine what action is required to achieve each mission progression. The checkpoints are quiet frequent and usually generous, should you meet failure. Graphically, the visuals of the characters are great and the voice-acting also very good.

Surprisingly, I like this game. It isn’t brilliant nor does it truly do anything better than most average movie/television tie-in games, but I always felt motivated to continue the story and there was a pleasant variety of environments and situations to play through. But would I play it a second time? Doubtful.

Initially released at a reduced price, most people would have assumed this game to be dead in the water. However, for fans of the TV show it’s certainly well worth a look, and for most other gamers a likely weekend rental or sub-$15 purchase.

score: 6.5 out of 10.


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