Video Game Review – DARK VOID (ps3)

I gave Dark Void every possible chance to prove the doubters wrong, but alas, buggy game is buggy fail.

Released after some delay, and at a time when some outstanding games came out, Dark Void was widely criticized and quickly forgotten, for good reason.

I managed to pick this up for $10 only a few months after its early 2010 release, but even took another couple months to be motivated to play.

Initially, my reaction was that it’s actually not too bad, quite playable and possibly entertaining.

Playing in a third-person shooter/flying mode, this is 90% pure shooting action and sometimes quite fun.

However, several coding bugs and odd enemy AI soon detract the playability of the game. I had occasions when the game simply didn’t load on boot-up, mission fail for no reason, progress me forward despite mission fail and the most annoying no-progression on restart of mission (requiring my to totally to restart the entire chapter!), all due to a perplexing amount of unpredictable coding errors.

Had Dark Void been released two years earlier, it most likely be considered more favorable. Sadly, most other games do this kind of game much better. The game is essentially broken, and its only redeeming feature if a reasonably interesting story, good voice acting and some incredibly easy trophy/achievement rewards.

score: 5 out of 10.


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