Video Game Review – BLUR (ps3)

I’ve never really been one for car racing games. Sure, I’ve had some offline and online fun with PS3 games like Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed Undercover and Midnight Club Los Angeles, but I’ve never truly been excited about a new racer video game being released.

So, even when Blur was recently released, in a month that saw a couple other similar racing games also released, I was still meh towards it. However, I had heard some good things about Blur, so thought I’d give it a chance… and I’m glad I did!

The offline progression is well-structured, offering a good variety of vehicles, vehicle types, vehicles classes as well as differing degrees of track designs and overall racing goals. All the racing is circuit/track based, with numerous power-ups collected and used to sway the balance of every race.

The online mode is more of the same, and the best place to enjoy the game, while pitting your skills and abilities against other real-time gamers. It doesn’t take much to go from front-runner to last, and winning races are a true reward for every well-executed turn and maneuver.

Blur surprised me. It’s superbly balanced in both offline and online modes, easy to play for the n00b racer gamer like me and most of all is lots of fun! 🙂

score: 8 out of 10.


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