PS3 - Australian cover

I’ve never been a hardcore fan of Transformers. However, I did enjoy the cartoons back in the 1980s, and probably liked the Marvel Comics stories even more. I thought the first Michael Bay film was superb, but the second Transformers live action movie to be one of the biggest cinema tragedies OF ALL TIME!

Transformers: War for Cybertron acts as a prequel to an upcoming animated TV series. Playing thru opposing campaigns, first as a member of the nasty Decepticons, and then as a nice Autobots.

The game-play is third-person perspective, with an emphasis on blasting everything in sight. However, limited ammunition and sparse cover soon requires some patience and tactics in battle.

The missions are lengthy, often taking up to an hour each to complete, and the mini-boss fights add an extra level of difficulty to a game that tests even the most experienced gamer at normal settings. I actually began playing the game on HARD difficulty, but had to drop back to NORMAL, just to finish the first level!

The audio and voice-acting are both superb. Visually, the game is exciting, though lots of gray tones begin to make foreground and background elements blend together.

There is also an online multiplayer section, which I have admittedly hardly explored personally. Like all online gaming, its enjoyment is going to come with the numbers from a dedicated community that is prepared to support it.

I think after recent gaming and movie disappointments, War For Cybertron comes as a welcome relief for the series, and proof that the Transformers franchise can still be relevant. Great stuff!

score: 7.5 out of 10.


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