Video Game Review – ALPHA PROTOCOL (ps3)

Alpha Protocol promises third-person action, with RPG elements and some stealth. A unique fusion of gaming styles. But does it work?

There was plenty I like about Alpha Protocol. It has some of the best voice acting heard in gaming, and the dialogue and story paths are very well conceived and executed.

Game-play is the real let down though. Some would even suggest it to be buggy? Sure, it’s a bit buggy, but always still playable. But the element of stealth was often useless and pointless, due to weird glitchy AI programming. Some of the boss fights were quite difficult, presenting an unexpected, some would say frustrating, imbalance in combat.

Overall, the game is worthwhile and I would recommend a play through, simply because the game does offer something a little bit different from others, so long as you are willing to overlook the flaws. Alpha Protocol is also quite re-playable, due to the multiple paths and endings that can be explored.

score: 7 out of 10.


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