Video Game Review – RED DEAD REDEMPTION (ps3)

PS3 - Australian cover

I’ve been a long time fan of Rockstar Games, their Grand Theft Auto series, in particular. So, it is with much expectation for Red Dead Redemption to live up to the legend.

I played a bit of Red Dead Revolver on the PS2. It was a game with lots of ambition, but the execution just wasn’t perfect, and the game perhaps too linear.

Red Dead Redemption is a lot bigger and better than initially hoped and fulfills all of its ambitions.

A slow-burn progression through story missions, many of which present a genuine variety of skills, though can be somewhat mundane to those lacking appreciation. Visually and audio-wise this is an engaging experience, one of the most fluid video games ever.

The story slowly opens the full map to explore and the multiple “false” endings allows the player to keep pushing forward and exploring all the possibilities the game has to offer.

This is not a game to be rushed through, every move forward is a joy to be savored. The final third of the game is exhilarating and beautiful.

Then there is also the multi-player aspect, which is a great balance of game-play and leveling up. In the months to come, this shall be the place I rest my weary hat, free-roaming and knifing bears! And ongoing DLC components will always add new things to do, even when you think everything has been done!

This is an extraordinary game. It’s sometimes easier to over-look the superb, and nitpick on the minor things. Its time for gamers to acknowledge excellence when it occurs. RDR is among the very best games of 2010, no doubt about it.

In years to come, Red Dead Redemption may be looked back as one of the most influential experiences not just in gaming, but also in pop culture history.

score: 10 out of 10.


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