Video Game Review – 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA (psp)


Rather than getting 2010 FIFA World Cup video game on PS3, I opted to go with the PSP version instead. I thought the PSP version would provide some entertainment on train journeys to and from work, and I could possibly play some games on the hand-held while watching the real thing on TV!

It was a good decision, because its an awesome game and with lots to do and much replay value.

I own a few different soccer games for PSP, the most recent being FIFA 09, and though the step-up in gameplay and execution is only slight, its subtle enough to make this a better game.

You can qualify any country to the World Cup finals, and play the actual tournament, of course. But one of the best features of the “classic” mode, where you replay past moments of qualifying games and tournaments, with set goals of “coming from behind to win or concede no more goals”, etc. These short-length challenges are perfect for train travels and portable gaming when time is limited.

I’m not suggesting the game is without flaws. The most noticeable is the commentary’s comments which occasionally appear to be inappropriate. For those that own FIFA 10, there might not be enough to justify getting this, but I believe the World Cup edition of FIFA is an essential purchase every four years, no matter the console of choice.

score: 9 out of 10.


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