Video Game Review – JUST CAUSE 2 (ps3)

Third-person free-roaming games are my favorite genre. Even if Just Cause 2 was crap, I’d probably have lots of fun.

Luckily, Just Cause 2 is awesome, one of the games of the year, and lots, lots and lots of fun!

There is so much to do and play with. Lots of variety in vehicles and weapons. The most influential device being our main character’s grappling hook, a game mechanic that is fluid and opens up unlimited possibilities of interaction with the environment.

The game is at its weakest storywise, which is mostly predictable and silly, and probably meant to be predictable and silly. But the gamer spends most of their time doing non-story missions and events, so it’s hardly a complaint, and the game can be played for hours without even considering doing the story missions!

By the time I had finished the storyline of the game, I still had only explored a third of the game’s map, missions and activities. So much to keep on doing for many hours to come. 🙂

Great game, well executed and lots of fun. Highly recommended!

score: 9 out of 10.



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