Video Game Review – The SABOTEUR (ps3)

Third-person open-world video games are my kind of thing, so it was a surprise I didn’t race out to purchase The SABOTEUR upon its release in December 2009. A few months later, I managed to get the game at half cost of the Recommended Retail Price, and I’m very glad I did.

The SABOTEUR may not reinvent the genre, but it does provide a consistent gaming experience and best of all is lots and lots of fun. The story-line is unique enough to compel the player to keep moving forward and there is always plenty to do and see away from the missions, in terms of collecting objects, vehicles and blowing things up!

Also, the freedom to tackle a challenge with any method, strategy and weaponry possible is real the highlight of this gaming experience. Objectives can be completed by being calculated, patient and stealthy. Yet, missions can also be completed (or failed) more quickly and easily with a hung-ho guns blazing mentality.

The visual and audio atmosphere of World War II France is perfect. The way the world transforms from black & white to color as the city is progressively liberated is a clever touch. The lead character is an Irish racing-car driver that is assisting the resistance fight against the Nazi occupation, whilst seeking his own personal revenge.

Occasionally let down by some odd programming glitches, with the over-use of vulgar language by the entire ensemble of characters and unnecessary nudity that really didn’t enhance the maturity of the game. Also, there was a relative easiness to most of the missions, as I rarely encountered a section of the game that truly troubled me.

I recommend this game for any fan of the Grand Theft Auto/Saints Row type of games. It may not do anything particularly outstanding or brilliant, but it’s very good and delivers many hours of entertainment.

score: 8 out of 10.


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