Video Game Review – DANTE’S INFERNO (ps3)

PS3 - Australian cover

Dante’s Inferno promises a lot, but delivers very little.

Let’s be honest, game-play is a copycat of the style originated in the God of War games. As a player, this probably a good thing, as its familiar and if you are going to copy something, its best to clone something that works best. But what else does this game have to offer, which sets it apart?

The story itself is based upon something established, the famous Divine Comedy poem. This is not a bad thing, as it broadens the scope of awareness of other art and literature to a video gaming public that might otherwise be oblivious to such things.

Examing the actually playing of the game, it’s most button mash hack ‘n’ slash, and the game is easy to progress through the many “circles” towards the finale. The only difficult aspect, is the occasional puzzle mechanic that pops into the game, and its only difficult because its often unclear what is needed for the player to do.

Visually, Dante’s Inferno is quite exciting and unique, and is its’ strongest aspect. However, some of the visuals appear to be for shock value only. Frequent nudity, grotesque visuals and blood splatter don’t necessarily translate as anything more than titillating.

I might sound really down on this game, and I certainly don’t hate it, as I truly felt rewarded for playing through the game to the end. I just wish a bit more time was spent on polishing its’ rough edges, as it could have been one of the great games of 2010, instead of being just one of the good games of the year.

I can still recommend this game, its definitely worth a go, and offers some replayability. But, I have to acknowledge, other games do the same thing a little bit better.

score: 7 out of 10.


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